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February 2018

February 27      Credit Analysis and Underwriting Series: Debt Service Coverage Calculations in Underwriting
February 28      Understanding Personal Tax Returns Part 2: Schedules E & F

March 2018

March 1            CECL Rule Overview: Preparation, Planning & Data Collection
March 1            Addressing Threats of Violence
March 1            Basic Bankruptcy for Bankers
March 2            Call Report - Lending Schedules for Banks
March 5            Commercial Construction Lending
March 6            Revisiting CDD Policies & Procedures to Include Beneficial Ownership Rule Changes Effective May 11, 2018
March 6            Best-Ever Compliance Checklists for Commercial Loans
March 7            ACH Rule Update 2018
March 7            Quarterly Compliance Briefing: Spring 2018
March 7            Growing Your HELOC Portfolio
March 7            Consumer Debt Series: Managing Chapter 7 & 13 Consumer Bankruptcies: Special Rules Cramdowns and Risks
March 8            How to Analyze a Start-up Business
March 9            Managing Meetings and Presentations

On-Demand Webinars - New to the Bookstore!

IRA Series: 2018 IRA & HSA Update & Hot Topics
As a new year begins, the start of another IRA and HSA season is upon us. Get prepared early with a timely overview of the new rules, regulations, plan documents, and contribution limits taking effect in 2018. Whether you work directly with IRA and HSA owners or your role includes operational, reporting, or managerial responsibilities, this session will provide practical insights into the latest IRA and HSA issues.

Consumer Debt Series: Credit Reporting and Deliquent Accounts: Disputes, Revisions, Recent Guidance & More
Delinquent accounts require special attention and an understanding of the risks they bring to compliance, collections, and credit reporting operations. The credit reporting function has gained added significance with borrowers’ increased awareness of the power of the credit score, the rise of the CFPB, a highly motivated plaintiff’s bar, and the Equifax breach. From policies and procedures, to quality assurance and organizational charts, credit reporting impacts every financial institution. Learn the steps that can increase efficiency, reduce risks, and calm your compliance nerves. 

FFIEC Reporting for CRA Compliance, Including Recent CFPB Updates to HMDA
Compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has always been a top priority for CRA officers, senior management, and the board. Having a solid “satisfactory” or even an “outstanding” CRA rating is imperative for your bank. CRA exams are tough! Whether you are a small, intermediate-small, or large bank, this session will cover the CRA examination handbook regulators use. It will review areas that are important to all banks and then address areas pertinent just to intermediate-small and large banks. Even if you’re a small bank today, you might not be tomorrow, so it’s good to know what’s expected at the next level. You’ll also learn how recent HMDA changes affect CRA compliance requirements.

Same Day ACH Final Phase - Funds Availablity Requirements  
Although Phases 1 and 2 of Same Day ACH are completed, the deadline to comply with Phase 3 (funds availability requirements) is March 15, 2018. This session will focus on the new funds availability requirements, provide an in-depth overview of Same Day ACH changes thus far (including usage statistics and most common use cases), and address what financial institutions can expect in the future with Same Day ACH and faster payments.

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Check out the 2018 Community Banks Six-Part Webinar Series

IBA Offers a six-part webinar series geared specifically in the areas of Call Reports, Compliance, Consumer Debt, Cyber, IRA, New Accounts, Credit Analysis & Underwriting, Directors, and Marketing. The topics were carefully selected from your input, strong new topics, and successful topics from previous years.  Our presenters are well-respected, professional, knowledgeable, industry experts.  The 2018 webinars reflect today’s dynamic financial services environment, so you can obtain must-know information at your convenience. Check the webinar schedule here.