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May/June 2018

May 29       Opening Accounts for Nonprofits & Charities
May 29       Officer Calling: Prospecting, Preparing & Presentation
May 30       Compliance Series: Job-Specific Compliance Training for Lenders
May 30       Writing Teller Training and Procedures
May 31       Increasing Fee Income Without Raising Fees
June 1        Bank Call Report Preparation for Beginners - Five Part Series
June 4        Using Personal Tax Returns for Global Cashflow: What's Cashflow and What Isn't
June 5        Call Report Series: Examining Bank Assets, Liabilities & Income in Call Report Preparation

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Call Report Series: Introduction to Call Report Preparation
With 60 to 90 pages of schedules to complete and over 700 pages of constantly changing instructions, Call Report preparation can be intimidating. New preparers and reviewers need guidance and resources to understand the basic filing requirements, cut through information overload, and establish a strong Call Report process. This session will highlight how the Call Report is used and how to approach key schedules and items, including the lending and regulatory capital schedules. Preparers and reviewers will learn tips for properly documenting the preparation and review process. 

Compliance and Legal Risks in Mobile Banking: Rules and Security Requirements
Your institution may already offer mobile banking, so it’s important to review and understand the associated risks. Mobile banking is one of the hottest products at financial institutions today. Many consumers and businesses prefer mobile banking, which increases the risks. This webinar will explain the compliance and legal requirements necessary to properly manage mobile banking functions. Learn important contract terms and provisions needed to properly establish and maintain mobile banking, plus the compliance and legal rules regarding data and electronic security. 

New Account Series: Opening Deposit Accounts for Non-Profit Organizations
From PTAs to clubs to churches and foundations, nonprofit organizations can be an important part of your depositor base. Do you know how these entities differ from other businesses? Identifying authorized persons, determining proper use of taxpayer identification numbers, and the required documentation and information are all part of opening accounts for nonprofits. Attend this webinar to learn essential regulatory and due diligence requirements.

Credit Analysis & Underwriting Series: Creating Effective Credit Memos & Loan Narratives
Creating consistently effective credit memos is critical to making solid credit decisions. This is the primary, and often only, document that loan committees review before determining whether to approve a loan. It is also the primary source used by regulators and others to evaluate the quality of your bank’s commercial loan underwriting. This webinar will provide recommendations regarding the appropriate content and format for credit memos, address the principles that should drive credit memo creation, and explain the roles of various staff in creation and review. Although community banks vary in size, organizational structure, and processes, this webinar will provide advice that is adaptable to any bank.

Check out the 2018 Community Banks Six-Part Webinar Series

IBA Offers a six-part webinar series geared specifically in the areas of Call Reports, Compliance, Consumer Debt, Cyber, IRA, New Accounts, Credit Analysis & Underwriting, Directors, and Marketing. The topics were carefully selected from your input, strong new topics, and successful topics from previous years.  Our presenters are well-respected, professional, knowledgeable, industry experts.  The 2018 webinars reflect today’s dynamic financial services environment, so you can obtain must-know information at your convenience. Check the webinar schedule here.