Compensation Survey

2018 IBA Financial Institutions Compensation Survey is open for Participation

As you know, we work with Crowe, LLP to facilitate and compile the IBA Financial Institutions Compensation Survey. This past weekend, Crowe went through a name change conversion, from CroweHorwath, LLP to Crowe LLP.  In doing so, many of their webpages and links became inactive.  This included the compensation survey link and webpage.  This does NOT mean the survey cannot be completed.  We have included the survey template for your use in completion of the survey. Click here for template.

Once you complete the survey, (extended deadline – June 15, 2018) you may email it to Rod Lasley at or to Crowe at

We apologize for the inconvenience in this matter and thank you for your patience and willingness to complete the survey, in order to provide a useful quality final product

For more than 30 years, more than 300 banks have participated in the annual Crowe Horwath LLP financial institutions compensation survey. More than 50 Indiana banks participate each year in this survey. It provides valuable compensation-focused benchmarking data and is designed to provide the information financial institutions need when making critical decisions about compensation, human resources, and benefits. The results can be obtained for Indiana banks only or for the Midwest Region (IN, IL, MI, OH). The opportunity to participate in the survey closes June 15, 2018.

Participants in the 2018 survey will receive up to a 60% discount on the purchase of the survey reports, which will be available in August 2018.  

The compensation survey will help you address these and other important questions:

  • Are our employees being paid competitively?
  • What are banks planning for salary increases?
  • Is our executive compensation package competitive? 
  • How do our director fees compare to others?
  • What can we do to control the costs of benefits?
  • How do our human resource programs compare with those of other banks?

   Click here to begin the survey.


2017 Financial Institutions Compensation Survey Available

The IBA is pleased to offer you the 2017 Indiana Financial Institutions Compensation & Benefits Report.  In partnership with Crowe Horwath, LLC, we have gathered information on compensation and human resource issues for the benefit of all our members.  We believe that this data is extremely valuable to executives and boards of directors in helping design and manage effective, competitive and reasonable reward programs in their organizations.

Thank you to the 54 institutions that participated in this year’s survey.  Their contributions allowed us to be able to offer this beneficial information to you.  All data is reported by peer group, including:

  • Asset Range Less Than $250 Million (19 Financial Institutions)
  • Asset Range $250 Million - $500 Million (11 Financial Institutions)
  • Asset Range $500 Million - $1 Billion (9 Financial Institutions)
  • Asset Range Greater Than $1 Billion (10 Financial Institutions)
  • Population Size Less than 100,000 (50 Financial Institutions)
  • Population Size Greater than 100,000 (4 Financial Institutions)

Reports are available for Indiana only, the Midwest Region (IN, IL, MI, OH) or all participating institutions in the U.S.

Click on the link below to view pricing of these reports and order your copy today!

2017 Compensation & Salary Report Pricing and Order Form


For further information or assistance, please contact Rod Lasley at the IBA, 317-387-9380.