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As you consider membership, realize the role of the IBA is to anticipate the changes in the economic and banking environment in order to give its membership the opportunity to compete effectively. The IBA works to create and maintain the conditions which ensure the profitable provision of services. The strengths of the IBA depend on the support and contributions of each member. Indiana bankers look to the IBA for information about legislative, banking and related issues. Well-informed bankers benefit their customers by providing the best of products and services in a competitive manner.

The IBA fulfills its role and its mission by representing the industry at the state and federal level in government relations, with strong, well-qualified, full-time lobbyists meeting and communicating with legislators on a daily basis.  Education is large part of the IBA’s mission, providing bankers with timely, quality sessions that keep them current and in compliance, to manage their bank to the best of its ability.  In order for the IBA to fully support the Indiana banking industry, it provides banks with an array of product and service offerings through gained relationships with service providers, giving the bank the opportunity to connect with the provider that best fits their need, along with assisting the service provider in connecting with their targeted audience.

The IBA offers two types of membership. Bank membership is for banking institutions with a presence in Indiana, either through ownership of Indiana-based loans and/or deposits. Associate membership is for companies that offer products and services to financial institutions.

Bank Member Application (pdf)                       Associate Member Application (pdf)

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