Commitment to Community Award

The IBA is pleased to introduce the IBA Commitment to Community Award to showcase exceptional community bank outreach, in support of the “Tell the Story” pillar of the IBA strategic plan. Selection of the winning IBA-member bank will be based on community service completed in 2018 – both scope of overall community outreach and creativity of a flagship project. NOTE: Nominations are closed as of Feb. 15, 2019.

The winning bank is to be presented at the IBA Mega Conference which takes place each May and featured in an IBA video for distribution through social media and other publicity channels. Additionally, the IBA will explore potential filming and promotion of non-winning entries, to further tell the story of banking.

Judging will be conducted by a panel of individuals unaffiliated with the IBA, and asset size may be taken into consideration in the review process. Kindly limit nominations to one per bank. A summary of criteria is listed below. For more information, contact Laura Wilson, 317-333-7146.

Provide best estimates to the following categories regarding scope of outreach throughout 2018. Outreach includes general community causes, such as charitable groups/nonprofits, schools, hospitals and youth groups, etc.
1. Number of community groups assisted
2. Number of bank associates who helped with bank-sponsored community causes
3. Number of people reached through financial education
4. Dollars donated to community causes from corporate and individual contributions (bank associates and community fundraisers), plus in-kind contributions
5. Dollars donated to scholarship opportunities

Describe a flagship community outreach project that your bank engaged in during 2018. You may include testimonials, photos/videos and other supporting materials that document the impact of this project.

Bank Asset Size – One single Commitment to Community Award winner will be selected, though asset size may be taken into consideration in reviewing scope of outreach.

Past Winners

2018 - The Farmers Bank, Frankfort