Products / Services

Products and Service offerings are an integral part of the Indiana Bankers Association membership.  The IBA acts as a conduit to assist IBA member banks in finding the appropriate IBA associate member to fulfill the bank's need; while also assisting IBA associate members, as they target appropriate IBA member banks with their product or service.  The Indiana Bankers Association is ever alert for viable companies of benefit to the Indiana banking community to encourage to join the IBA. Review IBA associate members and their offerings.

Preferred Service Providers

The IBA also has a group of Associate Members, called Preferred Service Providers. The IBA periodically award the PSP designation to select service providers. These firms represent viable options in their area of expertise and the IBA recommends banks consider the IBA Preferred Service Providers when seeking a specific solution.

Products for Sale

The IBA offers several individual items or programs available for purchase, by members, in the Products for Sale area of our website. These offerings are reference tools banks can utilize within their institution to gain further knowledge of a specific area.  There are also tools used to gain a form of comparison with other institutions in the state or region. For further information about these products click on the appropriate button below.

PSP Spotlight

The Indiana Bankers Association is proud to highlight the following Preferred Service Providers and trust you will consider these PSPs when looking for this product or service.

The Baker Group

Timothy J. Beloat, 866-370-3590

The Baker Group, an IBA Preferred Service Provider, is a leader in the development of innovative...

Lee & Mason Financial Services, Inc.

Matt Washer, 888-685-8442, Ext 2317

Lee & Mason Financial Servcies Inc., an IBA Preferred Service Provider, has been providing...