2019 Midwest Agricultural Banking School


Dec 2, 2019 to Dec 5, 2019

Purdue University
403 W. State Street
Krannert Building, Room 278
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Bankers demand a strong return on education, “ROE,” in terms of  dollars, time, & effort spent. You can count on the Midwest Agricultural Banking School to provide:

  • Practical, hands-on curriculum designed for learning by  doing and for easy application at the bank;
  • Small class size to increase networking opportunities and personalized instruction;
  • A school designed and governed by bankers and taught by experienced bankers and consultants;
  • Reasonable enrollment fees and an academic atmosphere conducive to a stimulating learning experience.

The Curriculum
The curriculum for the Midwest Agricultural Banking School is designed to provide you with the practical aspects of  agricultural credit & finance, farm management, marketing & related subjects. The core curriculum was developed by, and is maintained in cooperation with, the Kansas/Nebraska Schools of Banking, and the sponsoring state bankers associations. The development and
implementation of this curriculum has involved literally hundreds of bankers and has  resulted in a nationwide system of quality banker education.

The 2019 Midwest Agricultural Banking School delivers a solid foundation in agricultural credit principles and the most timely topics of the day, all with a minimum investment of time and money!