Networking Opportunities

Interacting with peers is a prime benefit of IBA membership. IBA offers several outlets for IBA-member bankers to build strong networks.

CEO Peer Groups - Meeting twice per year, CEO Peer Groups give bank leaders an opportunity to meet with CEOs from similarly sized institutions to discuss ongoing industry challenges. Each peer group is structured so that participants are non-competitors. Contact: Christina Bennett

Committees - As a member-driven organization, committees are key to IBA’s success. More than 200 members and associate members serve on IBA committees, representing a variety of functional areas. For more information, please contact Dax Denton for the Government Relations Committee; Laurie Rees for the Agricultural Lending and Security committees; and Christina Bennett for Commercial Lending, Compliance, Financial Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations & Technology, Retail Banking and Trust committees. Sign up online.

Forums - For bankers in specialized areas of banking, IBA forums provide a platform to come together for in-depth discussion to seek answers, solutions and best practices. Participants benefit from input from each other, and also gain insights from  expert facilitators. IBA Forum groups are: Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Director, IT & Operations Officer, Marketing Director, Risk Management Officer, Senior Lender and Senior Retail Banking. Contact: Laurie Rees

Google Groups – This digital platform gives IBA-member bankers an opportunity to connect and share ideas freely with other members who served in the same functional areas. Members are invited to join multiple IBA Google groups, representing more than 15 different areas of banking. Read more or register. Contact: Josh Myers

Roundtables - This networking opportunity allows bankers who work within similar functional areas to interact with each other. Roundtables are useful for those bankers involved in compliance and other areas that require close peer contact. Contact: Christina Bennett