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Maxi Awards

For more than 30 years, the Maxi Awards have been recognizing excellence in bank marketing and advertising throughout the state. All IBA members are eligible to enter. Entries will be accepted directly from a member institution, or from an advertising agency on behalf of a member institution. Only materials that were initially used during the 2018 calendar year are eligible. You may enter as many categories as you wish, and you may submit multiple entries within each category. Click here to see the award video presentation from 2018.

Again this year - Your first entry is free!

Maxi entries should be submitted using our uplink. Each entry should include the completed PDF entry form, a statement of objectives and examples of the work.

  • Complete the entry form and save it for submission.
  • Write a statement of objectives that is one paragraph long.
  • Please limit examples to no more than eight pages.
  • Please include the bank name and award category as part of the file name of all files.
  • Please Zip together all of the files for a single entry. No special computer software is needed to zip files, and different types of files can be zipped together. Click here for instructions.
  • Upload your entries to IBA’s uplink.

Deadline for entries is March 8th. This deadline cannot be extended for any reason.

Questions & Answers

Who are the judges? Judges are bank marketing officers from Iowa. Indiana and Iowa have a reciprocal judging agreement.

Am I competing against all sizes of banks? The Maxi Awards are divided into asset categories based on the number of entries in each category.

What criteria are used to judge the awards? Judges use a scoring rubric to assess each entry. A copy of the rubric is available here.

What should be included in my statement of objectives? Every marketing piece is created with a specific goal in mind. Sometimes that goal can be quantified, but many times it cannot. Your statement of objectives, preferably one paragraph long, should let the judges know what the purpose of the piece was, and whether the goal was achieved. One approach is to explain what you wanted to accomplish, and how the initiative was successful. 

Is there a limit to the number of examples for each entry? Please limit your examples to no more than eight for each entry submitted. You may have a campaign with 15 components, but we ask that you pick out the eight best to submit.

How should entries be submitted? It is preferred that you consolidate your pages for one entry into a single document. For example, several photos of an event and the invitation can either be combined into one PDF, or the files can be zipped so they can be uplinked as one. Please remember that no more than eight examples may be submitted with each entry. Files in any format can be uplinked. Please include the bank name and award category as part of the file name. You can also zip together files for an entry and submit them using the uplink. Please contact the IBA if you have questions about submission.

How should video and audio examples be submitted? All submissions of video files should be submitted in mp4, mov or avi formats, and audio files in mp3, m4a or wav formats. Submitting a link is also acceptable as long as the link will be active until the end of April for judging purposes.

What are the categories for Maxi Awards?

  • Branding Campaign – A branding campaign uses a variety of media to present a product or service that promote your brand.
  • Digital Advertising -  This category includes banner ads, video or audio used online. Please submit screenshots, urls or audio/video files.
  • Digital Site - this category includes websites, social media postings and blogs. Please submit screenshots or urls.
  • Product Campaign - A product campaign uses a variety of media to promote one or more deposit, loan or other products.
  • Public Relations - includes special events, media or community relations.
  • Series (Single-Medium) –This category refers to any group of pieces in the same medium with a common theme. For example, three billboards or two radio ads.
  • Single Piece - This is a single channel, single element item. It could be an annual report, direct mail piece, billboard, print ad, point of purchase piece, television ad, etc.

Questions? Chris Bennett or Susan Clark or call 317-387-9380.