IBA Website How-To Instructions

On this page you will find answers to common website questions. Click the video icon to watch a video of the instructions. All instructional videos can be found on the IBA Instructional Video Series YouTube Channel

Website Overview
How do I create a new profile?
How do I change my username and password?
How do I register myself online for an event?
How do I register someone else?
Discussion Group Overview

How do I create a new profile?

  • At the top of the IBA home page, click on the Create Account link to be directed to a blank profile page.
  • Enter your contact information in the “Personal Information” section.
  • The “Institution/Company Information” section is where you will add your employer.
    • Click on the search icon to see if your employer is in the IBA database.
      • This list includes all IBA members and the financial institutions are listed by headquarter office.
      • You can search by any combination of the Company, City or State fields; and enter any portion of the name. For example: If you enter “F-E-D” in the Company field, the results will be ALL companies whose name START with the letters “F-E-D”.  If you want to search anywhere in the name then place a % sign before and after your characters.
    • Once you find the name of your company, click on the name. The name and ID will then appear in the Organization ID fields
    •  If you did NOT find you company in the search, you can manually enter it in the Institution/Company field.
  • The last part of your profile is choosing your Login Information. Please note that your username and password can ONLY consist of letters and numbers.
  • Once you have entered your chosen username and password you are ready to submit your profile! You might take one last look at your information before you click “Submit”.
  • You should see a screen with buttons to access your profile, invoices, etc.
  • If you get a screen asking you to indicate “This is me” or “This is not me”, the system found an existing profile with the same information you submitted.
    • If this is not you, select “This is not me” link to continue with creating a new profile.
    • NOTE: if another record has the same email address, you will get a screen instructing you to contact customer support. In this case, you will need to call the IBA office at 317-387-9380 to continue creating your profile.
    • If this is you, select the “This is me” link to answer any security questions on the profile. Once confirmed, the existing username and password will be sent to the current email on record for this profile.
  • You will then receive a message confirming your changes have been updated.

How do I change my username and password?

  • At the top of the IBA home page, you will see the website login fields.
  • Enter your username and password, then click the Login button.
  • The login fields will be replaced with “My Account” and logout links.
  • To change your username or password, hover your mouse pointer over the “My Account” link and the my account fly-out menu will appear.
  • Click on the username and password link in the menu.
  • Click on the “Change it” link to be directed to the edit page.
  • On this page you can change your username or password and set a secret question.
  • To change your username, delete your current username and enter a new one in the Login field.
  • Then enter your current password.
  • To change your password, enter a new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields
  • You can select a secret question and answer for retrieving a forgotten login but it is not required.
  • Make sure the Login and Current password fields are completed before clicking on the Submit Changes button
  • You will then receive a message confirming your changes have been updated

How do I register myself online for an event?

  • Login to the website: Required to submit a registration and to follow these instructions.
  • Navigate to the event you wish to attend: Whether you clicked on a link in an email, on the website or on the event calendar, you will be directed to the event detail page which contains information about the event.
  • Click on Register Button: When an event is open for registration, there will be a green “register” button near the top of the event information.
  • Step 1: Basic Information: This screen is pre-populated with information currently on your IBA record
    • Confirm how your name and company name are to appear on your badge. Edit the fields if you wish to change it (applies to this event only).
    • Confirm your contact information. You can change this information by clicking on the “Select Alternate Contact Information” link (changes apply to this event and your IBA record)
      • The screen will grey out and the Contact Information pop-up box will appear. You may have to scroll down the page to see the pop-up box but you can click on it and move it around as desired.
      • Click on the tab for the information you wish to change.
      • Click on “Edit” to change the displayed information or “Add New” to add information.
      • A second pop-up box will appear containing fields which you can edit or complete as necessary. The required fields are marked with a red asterisk.
      • Mark the “Set as preferred” to indicate if you wish this to be your primary address.
      • Click “Save” to close the edit window then click “Continue Registration” to return to the registration process.
    • Click “Continue” to proceed with online registration once you have confirmed your information.
  • Step 2: Registration Options
    • Primary items - If you only qualify for one primary item price then the system will automatically select it for you and skip this part of Step 2: Registration Options. However, if you qualify for multiple primary items then you will get a list of choices. Select the radio button of the item you choose. You can only select one primary item.
    • Secondary items –if there are optional or required items for the event you be presented with a list of secondary items with an itinerary box.
      • Click on the green circle with the plus sign next to the item to add it to your “itinerary”.
      • Your itinerary will update with the fees and current registration total.
      • If you click the wrong item or change your mind then click the red circle with the minus sign next to the item in your itinerary box to remove the item.
    • Click “Continue” to proceed with your registration once you have your secondary items added to your itinerary.
  • Step 3: Confirmation
    • Print your registration details – click the link to open a printable view of your registrations details. Note: you will receive an email confirmation which will include your registration details.
    • Confirm your contact and registration information – this is the last chance to edit your information.
      • Click on the “pencil” at the end of the block containing the incorrect information to edit the information
      • You will be then directed back to the beginning of that step in the registration process to make changes
      • Then you will click “Continue” through the steps until you return to Step 3: Confirmation.
    • Click “Continue” to proceed once you have confirmed your information is correct.
  • “Shopping Cart Contents”: Displays the event you have selected. At this point of the process, the system has already flagged you as registered.
    • If you have changed your mind about this event then select the blue circle with the minus sign to remove it from your cart and completely cancel this registration.
    • Click the “Payment Method” dropdown to proceed with your registration.
      • Credit Card – if you wish to pay now. Credit card fields will appear. Complete all required fields which are marked with a red asterisk. If you wish to save this information for future use then mark the Save Payment Information box.
      • Click the “Submit” button to finish your registration.
      • Pay by Check – if you wish to mail your payment at a later date.
      • Click the “Pay by Check” button to finish your registration.
  • A Receipt will be displayed once you submit your payment method.
    • You can print this screen or select the “Print confirmation” link for a printable view.  
    • You can add the event to your Outlook calendar by clicking on the “Add to Calendar” link
  • Finally, you should receive a more detailed confirmation via email to keep for your records and to submit with payment if necessary.