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IBA Leadership Development Program

Oct 16, 2019 to Oct 18, 2019
Wooded Glen Executive Retreat & Conference Center
Program Overview: 

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A One-of-A-Kind Learning Experience A world-class faculty teamed with the Indiana Bankers Association to tailor a program that will have an immediate, positive impact on attendees and the banks that sponsor them. This series of four sessions, spaced over an eight-month period, is intense and demanding. It is designed for future bank leaders who are motivated and eager to reach full potential. An ambition to excel is a requisite for this series, as is the desire to face and learn from challenges. The ideal candidate for this program should have:

  • The courage to overcome personal weaknesses;
  • A competitive attitude that allows for productive teamwork; and
  • A collaborative spirit that centers on problem-solving, with input from all levels of the bank.

An Attendee Will Graduate Knowing:

  • Apply core concepts of leadership and management
  • Articulate and advocate persuasively for the bank and industry
  • Make courageous decisions crucial to the bank’s success
  • Think, plan and successfully execute bank initiatives
  • Deliver compelling business presentations
  • Motivate themselves and others to help the bank thrive
  • Contribute to the future of banking with innovative, forward thinking
  • Build and lead high performance teams
  • Developing organizational cultures that sustain success

A Better You At the conclusion of the eight-month program, the participant will be poised to contribute significantly to the bank’s future, as well as contribute positively to the bank’s work environment by building and maintaining influential relationships with employees and supervisors.


March 5-7, 2019

  • The challenge of managing and leading
  • Dealing with the stress of leadership
  • How errors in communication destroy relationships
  • Building presentation skills; Building relationship skills

May 8-10, 2019

  • Conflict management;
  • Negotiating with the boss, a co-worker or customer
  • Advanced team exercises
  • Mission planning
  • Team building
  • Leading a team


August 21-23, 2019

  • Peer-to-peer problem-solving
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Crisis communication
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Leading a team under pressure


OCTOBER 16-18, 2019

  • Challenges of the future of banking
  • Digital banking environment
  • Optimal recruiting and hiring strategy
  • Organizational culture to drive business results

The core faculty consists of three talented and specialized presenters representing the best in each of their areas of expertise. Guest presenters will join the program for one session. The three principal instructors are:

Juli Lynch, Ph.D. Juli Lynch embraces a passion for working with organizations to develop leaders, teams and cultures that are dynamic, risk-taking and fully engaged in strategic initiatives. Juli has a doctorate in human and organizational development, which has given her the disciplined foundation of understanding organizations and the humans that they are made of. Her master’s degree in motivational psychology further enhances her ability to work with the issues and challenges that keep leaders, managers and staff from reaching their potential.

Jackson Hataway, Ph.D. Jackson Hataway holds a doctorate in organizational communication from the University of Alabama. He specializes in organizational development, strategic planning, team building and organizational learning. He has a unique ability to couple real-world, honest practicality with new theories of corporate growth and change as he works with organizations. Jackson is a renowned professional speaker with numerous national awards.

Steve Ahlberg Steve Ahlberg understands the reality of facing long odds and devising methods for managing them. That’s one thing a career spent in the U.S. Navy has empowered Steve to do: think thoroughly and strategically. In large part, Steve’s core value system took shape during his time as a SEAL and a SEAL team leader. The SEALs are arguably the most versatile of the military special operations’ groups. It is their job to handle the world’s most demanding missions with precision.


The 2019 IBA Leadership Program will be held at the Wooded Glen, Executive Retreat and Conference Center, located in Henryville, IN. Wooded Glen is 10 minutes from I-65 in northern Clark County. It is a 30-minute drive from downtown Louisville and less than a 90-minute drive from Indianapolis. Wooded Glen is situated on 600 acres of Southern Indiana’s beautiful forest country – it’s a stress-free setting that allows participants to relax without distraction. It is an environment that lends itself to problem- solving and innovative thinking, ideal for accomplishing the objectives of the Leadership Development Program.


Tuition for the 2019 IBA Leadership Development Program is $4,150 for IBA members. Only 20 attendees are admitted to the program; admissions are first-come, first-served. Tuition includes four sessions, materials and all meals. Travel and accommodation costs are not included. Participants will be required to stay at the Wooden Glen Retreat and Conference Center, at the negotiated price of $149 per night. 

Attendance at all four sessions is required for graduation.  For the duration of this eight-month program, participants will receive a 50 percent discount off the registration fees of all IBA educational events, including the Mega Conference and the Annual Convention.

Additional Information: 

Participants will participate in pre- and post- program surveys designed to provide detailed analysis of their growth and development as leaders based on specific key performance indicators. Roughly two weeks prior to session one, participants will take part in a pre-program survey that will evaluate their Leadership Competency Profile. Results from that survey will be used by faculty to establish performance measurement goals for each participant. Upon conclusion of the program, participants will retake the initial survey to generate comparative data for discussion with their executive sponsors and to establish a new Leadership Competency Profile.

Association Contact: 

Laurie Rees, VP of Education & Training
317-387-9380 (Office) 317-727-5750 (Cell)

Cancellation Policy: 

Due to our commitment, the price is inclusive of all four sessions. A full refund for the Leadership Development Program will be given for cancellations received prior to February 5, 2019.  Any registrant who does not cancel before February 5, 2019 will be billed the full registration fee.  Substitutions are welcome prior to the first session.

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