IBA Google Groups

The Indiana Bankers Association strives to deliver services and products that help bankers succeed and grow, as well as connect with peers in the industry. To help achieve this goal, we are happy to offer members another platform to connect and share ideas freely with other members by offering IBA Google Groups.

IBA Google Groups: (click desired group(s) to begin, then follow instructions below)

IBA Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Discussion

IBA Bank Security/Physical Security Discussion

IBA Human Resources Discussion

IBA Internal Audit Discussion

IBA Marketing Discussion

IBA Mortgage Lending Discussion

IBA Risk Management Discussion

IBA Senior Retail/Branch Administration Discussion

IBA Training Director Discussion

IBA Trust Discussion

How to join a Google Group:

If your bank email is a Gmail account:
1. Click on your desired group(s) above, or go to https://groups.google.com/ and search the exact name of the group(s) you would like to join (see above).

2. Select preferences for email address and frequency, indicate your name and bank in the comment box provided for membership verification, then click “Apply for Membership.”

3. To begin a discussion, select “New Topic” in the group page.

4. To participate in discussions, “reply all” in the group page or in your email platform.

If your bank email is NOT a Gmail account:
1. Click here to create a Google account, and be sure to enter your bank email. (This does not create a Gmail account, only a Google profile so you can access Google Groups.)

2. Verify your email and complete your Google profile information.

3. Follow steps 1-4 above.

Terms of Use

1. IBA Google Groups provide a platform for idea sharing among members and associate members. Please refrain from using it to sell or market products or services.

2. Antitrust behavior is strictly prohibited on IBA Google Groups. These behaviors include price fixing (any collusion by same-market competitors to set prices, credit terms, rates, fees and discounts), horizontal agreements (agreement to divide customers or allocate banking territories by restricting offerings of products or services) and tying arrangements (requiring buyer of one product or service to also purchase another product or service). The penalties for anti-trust behavior are severe and may include steep fines or imprisonment. If you find yourself in a discussion that may be in violation of antitrust laws, you should immediately stop the conversation and report it to your legal counsel and IBA staff.

3. IBA Google Groups are provided for general education purposes only and are not intended to provide legal or other professional advice. No claim is made by the Indiana Bankers Association as to the accuracy of the information provided in Google Groups.

4. IBA staff will actively monitor IBA Google Groups to ensure terms of use are followed.