ACH Tax Refunds: Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities


Feb 4, 2020

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm EST
(90-minute webinar – recording also available)

Properly handling ACH tax refunds and exceptions is crucial to reducing losses and keeping accountholders happy.

The federal government is one of the largest single users of the ACH network, but did you know that they don’t follow the same NACHA Operating Rules as a typical Originator?  IRS tax refunds must be handled with care. The average IRS tax refund is almost $3,000 and every financial institution receives them.  With such high volume, it is imperative that financial institutions understand the requirements surrounding tax refunds to avoid potentially large losses.  These requirements address account number/name matching situations, deceased recipients, refunds posting to incorrect accounts, and refunds as exception items. This session will cover the rights and obligations of the financial institution, accountholder, and tax preparer and how the IRS is protecting accountholders from fraud.  Learn how to correctly handle tax returns and exceptions to increase compliance and accountholder satisfaction while minimizing liability.