Understanding the SECURE ACT of 2020 - IRA Basic and Advanced Issues - Day 2 Advanced is SOLD OUT


Feb 4, 2020 to Feb 5, 2020

8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Suite 155E
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Yes, it’s finally here.  After a year of deliberations, the SECURE Act was signed into law under the Appropriations Act on December 20, 2019.  Most of the provisions are in effect on January 1, 2020.  These are the most substantial changes we’ve had to IRAs in almost 15 years.  There are too many issues and too many potential pitfalls financial institutions will experience if they don’t have a working knowledge of these changes.  Forms will be changed, IRA software must be updated which may take a while.  Because of this, you may have to do some “manual” notices to your IRA client base to make sure these time-sensitive changes are implemented. 

In the IRA Basic class on Day 1, you may be thinking, I don’t even know the old rules to know what the new changes are.  Unfortunately, you will need to know the old and the new rules because most of the IRA rules prior to 1/1/2020 are “grandfathered”.  But don’t worry, you will have the totally updated IRA “Red” Book Training manual with lots of “cheat sheets” to show you the “before” and “after”. 

In the IRA Advanced Day 2, we will summarize the changes and then actually get into the nitty gritty of new distribution regulations to owner’s and beneficiaries - what stays the same and what changes?  How do we disclose all these changes to our customers?

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