CBC I: Auditing Flood


Feb 13, 2020

Indiana Wesleyan University - Fort Wayne Education and Conference Center
8211 W. Jefferson Blvd.,
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

PDF Brochure

Auditing Flood - Avoiding that $2,133 Fine

Our presentation will focus on audit techniques for the entire Flood process, and exactly what to look for when performing the Flood audit.  It seems as if monthly there is a bank somewhere paying out a lot of money for Flood violations – and we would prefer that it not be you. 

The primary focus of the seminar will be on be the process of auditing your flood program, both at loan origination and loan servicing. Flood errors can happen almost any time – and the object is to assure that errors are kept to a minimum.  Included will be a discussion of the requirements for both public and private flood insurance. Worksheets will be included for all subjects presented. 

While the regulation will be discussed, the focus will be on flood pitfalls (the ones that can cost you $2,133 per violation).  The discussion will include the truly expensive mistakes – gleaned from examiner findings, some from discussions over the years with you on hotline, and some that we have discovered in our audit/review work in banks.  These will be presented as case studies, allowing you to contemplate and consider “real life” audit scenarios, and determine what to do to repair the issues (if it can be done).  Come prepared to think through some occasionally complex scenarios. 

This subject was suggested by several CBC members when we requested potential topics for 2020.  

The subjects for the regulatory update will be determined by circumstances and releases from the various.