CBC IV: Policies / APRWIN / Responding to Audit Findings / Lending Errors


Nov 6, 2019

IBA Center for Professional Development
8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Suite 155E
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Our presentation will begin with a discussion and a listing of compliance related policies that a bank should consider having, and those that banks are required to have. We will discuss the regulations involved, the general regulatory requirements, policy issues that should be included, and similar information.  This was a suggestion made by CBC members last fall, and, as promised last quarter, we will cover it in this session. 

The balance of the day also was suggested by CBC members. It will involve real world compliance situations. “The examiners/auditors/consultants found a violation.  What do we do now?”  Included will be consumer loans, mortgage loans, construction loans, and HELOCs. As part of the presentation, we will discuss how to use APRWIN to avoid some errors in the first place, and to correct errors, when that becomes necessary.  

*See brochure for full program overview!*