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Community Bankers For Compliance Program

Indiana Bankers Association is pleased to sponsor the annual Community Bankers for Compliance Program (CBC). The CBC Program is the most successful and longest running compliance training program in the country. The CBC Program will provide your bank with up-to-date information on the everchanging bank regulations, as well as guidance for structuring and maintaining your in-bank compliance program. In addition, it provides a forum where those responsible for regulatory compliance can discuss issues and exchange ideas with other community bankers. This series of seminars will be offered in two locations, at the Landmark Conference Centre, Ft. Wayne, Indiana and the IBA Center for Professional Development, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Indianapolis Ft Wayne
February 12 & 13, 2019    February 14, 2019
May 7 & 8, 2019 May 9, 2019
August 6 & 7, 2019 August 8, 2019
November 5 & 6, 2019 November 7, 2019

Basic Membership to the CBC Program consists of the following:

Quarterly Seminars. A compliance seminar is provided each quarter. The topic is selected based on the most recent industry and regulatory developments which may have an impact on community banks. Each person attending the program will receive a detailed manual, written in full narrative, that they can take back to the bank as a reference and training tool.

Monthly Newsletter. The Compliance Update newsletter is sent to program members each month. It provides an update of compliance issues that impact community banks.

Compliance Hotline. Members of the program may call the Young & Associates’ toll-free number or visit their Web site on the Internet for compliance officer questions that arise on a daily basis. Young & Associates has many qualified professionals available to answer your questions. This service ensures that your bank is just a phone call away from the information you need in order to answer your compliance questions.

CBC Members Only Web Page. This web page is reserved for banks that are registered members of the CBC. In it you will find special and timely information and tools provided by Young & Associates, Inc., that can be used to enhance the regulatory compliance function at your bank.

CBC Enhanced Program

In recognition of the rapidly changing regulatory landscape, IBA is offering an additional service for the upcoming year with the new CBC Enhanced Program. Under the CBC Enhanced Program, members can also choose additional options for service that include sonsulting services, either on-site or off-site. Please refer to the insert in this brochure for information on the different levels for the CBC Program and the services offered under each or contact the IBA office at 317.387.9380.

CBC Basic Program Membership - $1350 plus $450 for each additional attendee

  • Four quarterly seminars (subjects to be determined by Young & Association, Inc.)
  • Hotline services for all CBC members via telephone and internet
  • Monthly Compliance Update Newsletter (sent electronically only)
    • Compliance Update includes an ongoing monthly update to the compliance calendar
  • Access to CBC Web Page

CBC Enhanced Program Membership - $900 additional charge to your CBC Basic Program Membership

  • Weekly emailed “News Flash” Compliance Update listing all new pronouncements
    • Guarantees that you will not “miss” something
    • Includes brief descriptions and potential bank departmental impacts
    • Includes web site addresses for each pronouncement
  • $200 credit toward the purchase of individual Young & Associates, Inc. products purchased during the CBC program year
  • Quarterly Webinar - CBC Regulatory Update for Management/Staff
    • Will discuss the Regulatory Update section of the quarterly CBC seminars
    • Presentation will be designed for management and staff (non-compliance personnel)
    • An easy tool to use for training – share the entire webinar or individual subjects
    • Pre-recorded webcasts located in a password protected area of the CBC Members Only Page
    • Length of the program(s) determined by the length of the Regulatory Update section of the CBC
    • Available during the final month of each quarter
    • May be downloaded for future use (one year limitation)
  • Quarterly Conference Call for all CBC Enhanced Members. Topics will include suggestions from you as well as updates from the Young & Associates, Inc. staff. The calls will be interactive – all participants will be able to share important information with other attendees.

Program Flexibility

To assure that CBC member banks are getting the most out of their memberships (whether it be the Basic CBC Program or the CBC Enhanced Program), the program is designed with flexibility in mind. We realize that job responsibilities change quite frequently within some banks, and for this reason, membership is granted to banks, not individual bank employees. This enables you to send your bank’s compliance officer, as well as an additional representative as the topics apply to the various areas of the bank. By sending these representatives to the sessions that matter most to them, you are greatly enhancing the bank’s ability to implement compliance throughout the bank.

Who Should Attend

The focus of the CBC is on regulatory compliance. It is essential that your bank’s compliance officer attend. But because regulatory compliance should be approached from a team perspective, many banks have also found it extremely beneficial to send additional employees to sessions on topics that relate directly to their positions in the bank. These employees typically come from the customer service, lending, or operations departments in the bank. To support this team effort, the CBC has been priced to enable your bank to send additional employees at a substantial savings.

Regulatory Approval

The Community Bankers for Compliance Program has passed the test of regulatory scrutiny. After the original program was developed in other states, the regulatory agencies recognized the increased understanding and ability to deal with regulatory issues by those bankers who were members. Since then, the program has received approval from the regulatory agencies not only for its comprehensiveness, but also for its practicality.

Compliance Manuals

When you attend a seminar, you want to focus on the material being presented. It is often too difficult, though, to listen to a speaker and write detailed notes at the same time. For this reason, the Community Bankers for Compliance Program manuals are written in full narrative. This also enables the banker to take the materials to the bank as a reference to the regulations and as a training manual for other employees.

Risk Management

The CBC is a proven method to reduce the risk of regulatory actions against your bank for reasons such as failure to establish a valid compliance management program, failure to establish compliance policies, failure to provide adequate compliance training and failure to monitor internal compliance. In addition, with each change in regulatory compliance regulations, there is an increased risk of inadvertent compliance errors.  The CBC reduces the possibility that these errors will occur because your employees will have a greater understanding of the regulatory requirements.

Practical Solutions

Most community banks do not have the time or money to build elaborate compliance systems, but there is a solution. The CBC Program will provide practical, user-friendly compliance techniques and explain how they can be related to all areas of compliance. For example, setting up compliance files, developing training programs, responding to the examinations, and resolving disputes are among the areas that are reviewed.

Participant Interaction

The CBC Program is designed to assist members in getting timely answers to their questions as well as testing techniques before implementation in the bank. The program provides a forum where each bank can be an active participant by asking questions and bringing concerns and compliance techniques for review by the group. This peer evaluation and two-way flow of information increases understanding and improves the bank’s effort toward a viable compliance program.

Certificate of Completion
To demonstrate your commitment to having a strong compliance program, individual program attendees will receive a certificate of completion upon attendance at all four seminars. These certificates can be used to apply for certification in the national certification programs or for meeting the continuing education requirements for those already certified.

Seminar Presenter

The Community Bankers for Compliance is presented by Young & Associates, Inc., a nationally recognized compliance consulting firm specializing in community banks. In total, the consultants at Young & Associates have published more than 30 books and several hundred articles on banking. They provide training to more than 3,000 bankers each year and are speakers at several state and national conferences.

Bill Elliott, CRCM, Senior Consultant and Manager of Compliance.
With over 35 years of banking experience, Bill Elliott leads the compliance department at Young & Associates, Inc. where he conducts compliance reviews, leads compliance seminars, conducts in-house training, and writes compliance articles and training materials. During his career as a banker, Bill spent 15 years as a compliance officer in a large community bank. He has also been a lender for consumer, commercial, and mortgage loans, and has managed a variety of bank departments including loan review, consumer / commercial loan processing, mortgage loan processing, loan and credit administration, collections, and commercial loan workout.

Dale Neiss, CRCM, Consultant
Dale Neiss is a compliance consultant with Young & Associates, Inc. With over 30 years of banking experience in Denver, CO, Dale has developed and implemented compliance management systems, loan review and community reinvestment act (CRA) programs, and enterprise risk management (ERM) framework for multiple banks. He has held the titles of Compliance and Loan Review Manager, BSA and CRA Officer, and Enterprise Risk Management Director. Prior to his Denver, CO banking experience, Dale began his banking career with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in Indianapolis, IN as an  associate national bank examiner. At Young & Associates, Inc., he provides consulting and training, as well as writes articles and compliance manuals. He holds the designation of Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) by the Institute of Certified Bankers in Washington, D.C. Dale earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and Management from Kent State University.

Karen S. Clower, CRCM, Consultant and Compliance Operations Manager
Karen Clower is a compliance consultant at Young & Associates, Inc. Her primary responsibilities include product development and maintenance, answering compliance hotline calls, manual creation and  updating, and compliance field work. Her prior banking experience includes 19 years working for a large community bank where she managed the mortgage lending department, including processing,  underwriting, and the mortgage loan officers. She has also worked as a mortgage loan officer and credit analyst/account officer for commercial lending. Karen holds a BA in Business Management from Hiram College, and associate degrees in Banking and Finance and Business Management from Kent State University.

A Commitment to You
The Community Bankers for Compliance Program was designed to deliver a cost-effective compliance service to our member banks. Indiana Bankers Association takes pride in knowing that this program has been developed specifically to meet the unique needs of the community bank.

Dates and Locations
Each session of the CBC program runs from 9:00 a.m. to approximately 3:00 p.m.  For your convenience, we will be offering the CBC Program on two separate dates each quarter. The 2018 dates and locations are:

February 12 & 13, 2019; May 7 & 8, 2019; August  6 & 7, 2019; November 5 & 6, 2019
IBA Center for Professional Development - 8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd, Suite 155E - Indianapolis, IN  46240

February 14, 2019; May 9, 2019; August 8, 2019; November 7, 2019
The Landmark Conference Centre- 6222 Ellison Road - Fort Wayne, IN  46804

Registration Information

CBC Basic Program Membership: 
$1350 for the first person for IBA members.
$450 for each additional person for IBA members.
$2700 for Non-IBA Members

CBC Enhanced Program Membership:
$900 additional charge to your CBC Basic Program Membership.


8:30 a.m. Registration
9:00 a.m. Program begins
12:00 noon Lunch (included)
1:00 p.m. Program resumes
3:00 p.m. Program adjourns


Everyone who registers online will receive an e-mail confirmation after the registration is submitted. Due to our commitments, the price is inclusive of all four sessions.  A full refund for the CBC Series will be given for cancellations received two days prior to the first session. Substitutions are welcome at any time.

Green Statement:

In an effort to reduce waste and decrease the use of paper products at each seminar, we are now offering the manuals electronically. We will provide each manual in a PDF Format that you can download and save to your computer and/or laptop. One week prior to each seminar, you will be provided with a web link to each manual.

Please return registration form along with payment to:
IBA Foundation Inc., 8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd, Suite 155E, Indianapolis, IN 46240

For additional information, call:
Laurie Rees, VP of Education and Training, Indiana Bankers Association, at 317-387-9380
For question, please email to: