Branch Management Series

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The Branch Management Series will focus on the critical success elements of managing and leading a performance focused sales and service team. Each workshop is designed either as a series or as a stand-alone, packaged full of checklists, job aids, case studies, examples, and "real world" situations. The Series provides a branch manager and the branch management team with current, proven solutions to managing a successful branch today. The Branch Management Series is designed for Retail Managers, Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers, Branch Manager Candidates and anyone responsible for the direction and development of a retail branch.

Program Overview
The Indiana Bankers Association is proud to offer the updated and revised Branch Management Series. More than ever before, today’s branch management team is faced with a multitude of challenges and
opportunities. Successful banks have branch leaders who are focused on motivating and engaging the team, building and increasing loyal customer relationships, mitigating risks through compliance and regulatory adherence, and accomplishing retail banking goals. In essence, the Branch Manager is the business manager. On-going education, training, and networking are essential in developing successful the branch management in today’s ever-changing environment. The Branch Management Series is four-workshop sessions that may also be completed as stand-alone sessions.

Key Elements of the Series
•Develop and Implement Retail Banking Business Plan
•Discover Individual Leadership and Management Styles
•Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Operational Adherence
•Mitigate Risks
•Grow the Retail Banking Branch
•Explore Proven Sales, Service, and Relationship Building Skills and Tools
•Motivate and Boost Employee and Team Success
•Manage Challenging Situations with Team Members and Customers
•Strengthen Communication and Day-to-Day Effectiveness
•Increase “Bench Strength” in the Branch
•Determine Critical Branch “Best Practices”

Branch Management Certification Overview   
Indiana Bankers Association is proud to offer the Branch Management Certification program. The workshops do not have to be taken in sequence in order to receive a certification. The four workshop sessions may also be completed as stand-alone sessions. sessions.

The benefits of this certification process include:

  • An investment in developing “best practices” for your bank’s branch network.
  • An educational resource for training and career development.
  • Recognition and opportunities for branch managers by completing these sessions.
  • A foundation builder for banking schools.
  • A commitment to successful, profitable, efficient and effective branches.

What is the Process for Certification?
This is a comprehensive training program that focuses on three key components:
  1. Completion of all four workshops in the Branch Manager Series.
  2. Successful completion of assignments after each of the four workshops.
  3. Annually attending one IBA workshop to re-certify each year.

Dianne Barton is the Founder & President of Performance Solutions, Inc., a training and consulting company that specializes in providing solutions to the key challenges facing community banks today in attracting, selling & servicing their customers.  As a former banker, her service, which includes a broad scope including strategic planning, leadership and management development, regulatory & compliance implementations, retail growth strategies, and sales & service culture development, is recognized as “real world solutions” by both regional banks and community banks. 

Dianne’s training programs are designed to “close the gap” between the bank’s needs and employees’ skills. A philosophy of experiential learning and participant involvement in training led to the development of her “TELL-SHOW-DO” training method that is skill based rather than theory based.  The training limits lecture discussions to a maximum of 7-9 minutes, relying on an active “hands on” approach by the participants.

Dates & Locations

  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017
  • Tuesday, November 28, 2017
  • Tuesday, January 17, 2018
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018

All sessions will be held at the IBA Center for Professional Development on the west side at 8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Suite 155E, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

2017-18 Quarterly Sessions


Workshop 1:  New Year - New Start:  Key Components for a Successful Year

                       January 17, 2017

Branch Management Series I focuses on exploring the key components of a successful retail bank branch. Participants will leave with valuable tools & a “game plan” for 2013. The agenda includes:customer.
•The Leadership Challenge for Today’s Branch Manager
•Building the Branch Business Plan
•2016 Regulatory Update - Balancing Today’s Deposit Regulatory Requirements

  • Regulation BB - Community Reinvestment Act
  • Regulation CC - Expedited Funds Availability Act
  • Regulation DD - Truth in Savings Act
  • Regulation GG - Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act
  • Regulation D - Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions
  • Regulation E - Electronic Funds Transfer Act

•Bank Secrecy Act
•USA Patriot Act
•Consumer Financial Protection Regulations
•Getting the Right Person in the Right Seat - Recruiting a Winning Team
•Employee Onboarding - First 90 Days

  • Fundamentals of Today’s Banker
  • Discovering Learning Styles
  • Motivation Musts for New Team Members

•Raising the Bar - Developing Performance Expectations for the Team
•Defining the Performance Management Process for 2016
•Communication Tools for Today’s Branch Manager
•Branch “Best Practices” and Action Planning

Workshop 2:  Growing the Retail Branch
                        April 17, 2017

Branch Management Series II focuses on the Branch Manager's Role as Sales & Service Leader. Managers learn to plan, motivate, and challenge the team to consistently provide exceptional
service and meet the Branch’s goals. The agenda includes:

•The Retail Branch Scorecard and Metrics

  • Monitoring and Tracking Tools while Rewarding Results

•Developing Sales & Service Standards
•How Today’s Customer Experience is Changing
•Maximizing Your Bank’s Competitive Value Edge
•Growing the Retail Branch from Within:

  • Selling is Helping the Customer
  • No More Product Pushing
  • Maximizing Customer Interactions
  • Customer On-Boarding

•Maximizing Customer Relationships – Bankers in Action

  • Networking Do’s and Don’ts
  • Key Tools for Protecting Key Customers
  • Key Tools for Calling on Prospective Customers

•WII-FM: 3 R’s to Growing the Branch
•No More Meetings – New Alternatives to Meetings
•Branch “Best Practices" and Action Planning

Workshop 3:  Leading, Developing and Engaging the Team

                        August 22, 2017

Branch Management Series III focuses on building the branch team. Managers learn proven ways to get team members engaged and challenging teams to exceptional performance. An "engaged employee" is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work, and therefore will act in a way that furthers their bank's interests. The agenda includes:

•Understanding and Leading Today’s Team of Different Generations
•Finding More Time – Time Management Skills

  • Understanding the Value of Time
  • Avoiding “Doing It All Yourself” – Getting the Team Onboard

•Creating Employee Engagement

  • What is it?
  • Why do it?
  • Avoiding Common Problems

•Identifying the Engagement Drivers in the Retail Branch
•Assessing the engagement level of your employees using a five-step process
•Unleashing Your Leadership Abilities
•Coaching the Team to Engagement
•Implementing the 3 C’s to Excellence –plus one more
•Branch “Best Practices" and Action Planning

Workshop 4:  Raising the Bar for Sustainable Growth
                        November 28, 2017

Branch Management Series IV focuses on maintaining superior performance.  Managers learn new  methods for communicating and raising the bar through the performance management process, team building, and leadership abilities. We explore how to keep a team motivated and focused on achieving organizational goals. The agenda includes:

•Creating a Pathway for Sustainable Growth
•Conducting Performance Reviews – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
•Communicating as a Leader – Styles and Skills Make the Difference
•Expanding the Leadership Challenge
•Getting the Best from Teams – Accountability and Change Skills

  • The 10% Difference
  • Ten Steps to Building a Winning Team
  • Dealing with Personalities, Conflicts, and Challenges

•Generating Solutions to Retail Branch Challenges and Problems
•Energizing and De-Stressing Methods, Ideas, and Tools
•Celebrating Performance: Rewards and Recognition
•Branch “Best Practices" and Action Planning

Target Audience
They are designed for Retail Managers, Branch Managers, Assistant Managers, Branch Manager Candidates and anyone responsible for the direction and development of a retail branch. These sessions can be completed in a series or as stand-alone sessions.

Individual program participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. Persons attending all four programs and turning in all four homework assignments will earn the Indiana Bankers Association Branch Management Certification Plaque.

Dress Code
Business casual attire is appropriate for this event.

The following fees include the program, materials, lunch and refreshments:

IBA Members                                        Non Members
$850 Full Program                               $1,700 Full Program
$225 Each Individual Session           $450    Each Individual Session

As of Jan. 1, 1994, only 50 percent of business food and beverage can be deducted. For tax purposes the cost of food and beverage for this program is $25.

The Agenda
8:30 a.m. Registration
9:00 a.m. Program begins
12:00 noon Lunch (included)
1:00 p.m. Program resumes
4:00 p.m. Program adjourns

IBA Center for Professional Development
8425 Wppdfield Crossing Blvd, Suite 155E
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (317) 387-9380 

The IBA Center for Professional Development is located on the westside of Indianapolis just off of I-465. From I-465 take the 38th Street West Exit (Exit 17). When you exit go west on 38th street. Turn north/right onto Eagle Creek Parkway and then east/right onto Parkdale Place. Our address is 6925 Parkdale Place, Indianapolis, IN 46254. Click here for a map and a list of local hotels. Dress is business casual. 

Everyone who registers online will receive an e-mail confirmation after the registration is submitted. Within three or more business days prior to the day of an educational program, no cancellation charge will be assessed.  Within two days prior, 50% of the fee is assessed.  Refunds are not provided for cancellations or absences which occur on the day of the program.  Substitutions are welcome at any time.