IBA Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission: To advocate for and sustain an environment in which banks can succeed.

Our vision: To provide exemplary service to members as the premier state bank trade association in the country.

Our values: In fulfilling our mission, we will:

  • Maintain the highest ethics, integrity and respect for others;
  • Serve with professionalism, innovation and resourcefulness;
  • Instill passion, positive attitude and enthusiasm;
  • Remain mindful that the success of the IBA is judged by the success of its members.

Tracy Kubly

IT and Facilities Manager

Tracy Kubly joined the Indiana Bankers Association in 2000 as receptionist, was promoted into the accounting area in 2007, and was named IT and facilities manager in 2010. She is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the IBA’s information systems and facilities maintenance, including the computer network, telephone system, security system and both IBA office locations. Kubly also is responsible for technological support of the IBA website and staff. Prior to joining the IBA, Kubly served as office manager for a homebuilder in Indianapolis. She earned her associate’s degree in information technology from the University of Phoenix.