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ABA Basic Administrative Duties of a Trustee

Nov 04, 2019
Program Overview: 

In this five-week course, the student learns that a fiduciary has a duty to hold the assets of an estate or trust, to administer the assets solely in the interest of the beneficiaries, and to carry out the terms of the trust. Many of the specific categories of duties that fall under these broad classifications will be discussed in this course including basic trust administration, agency relationships, guardianships, and wills and the probate process.

Audience: Those employees who have recently joined the trust department in support positions, non-trust personnel within the bank who work with trust officers and trust clients, as well as employees of service providers to trust companies who want to develop a better understanding of their clients' business needs.


After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss a trustee's standard of performance
  • Explain the basic principles of administration
  • Analyze administrative duties directed internally by a trust
  • Describe external factors associated with the administration of a trust
  • Define the purpose of state trust statutes
  • Describe an agency relationship
  • Explain the forms of agencies and their features
  • Explain the attributes of using a trust department as an investment manager
  • Define incapacitation
  • Distinguish the types of guardians and guardianships
  • List the duties of an estate guardian
  • Describe the newer forms of guardianships
  • Compare healthcare and property directives
  • Explain what a will is and contrast the differences between dying testate and dying intestate
  • Describe who can establish a will, what testamentary capacity is, and how a will can be contested
  • Determine how a will can be changed
  • Define probate
  • List the steps and timetable involved in the administration and settlement of an estate
  • Define and use the terms that appear in bold in the text

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Additional Information: 

Textbook: All reading materials are provided online
Prerequisites: Introduction to Trust Products and Services is a suggested prerequisite to this course.
Required Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader
Course Credit: ABA Professional Certifications: 12 CTFA, CSOP

Association Contact: 

Questions? Contact Susan Clark at the IBA at 317/387-9380.

Cancellation Policy: 

There is a full refund for any cancellations or transfers made before the start of the class and upon the return of the textbook to ABA. Refunds will be made (less $100 cancellation fee) if received within 10 business days from the start of course and the return of the textbook if applicable. Please include your packing slip or order number with the return of your textbook. You may request a transfer only once with a fee of $100. There are no refunds for cancellations received more than 10 business days after the start of the class.