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40 Year Club

The IBA 40 Year Club recognizes banking professionals who have completed 40+ years of service to the Indiana banking community. This is a bank-wide opportunity, available to all employees and directors of IBA-member banks. Click for club member roster.

40 Year Club members are listed in the roster by the year in which they are inducted, with each year’s listing to be updated following the IBA Annual Convention in September.  by Sept. 1 to be included in that year’s 40 Year Club class; advance submissions may be sent for service to be completed by year-end.

Each 40 Year Club inductee receives a letter of congratulations, an invitation to the Chairman’s Banquet at the IBA Annual Convention, an IBA keepsake and a complimentary subscription to Hoosier Banker. Additionally, the inductee's bank may access a sample news release to reach out to local media.

Eligibility – The following types of bank service apply toward 40 years of service:

  • Prior service with an out-of-state bank, if the nominee is currently employed with or has retired from an IBA-member bank;
  • Prior service with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. or Indiana Department of Financial Institutions;
  • U.S. military service, if the nominee was in banking immediately before and after military service.

For more information – Please contact Susan Clark, 317-333-7161. 

Note: The 40 Year Club submission will be official upon receipt of an IBA confirmation, generally within seven business days.